Brigham Young University

Our firm has partnered with BYU on several planning and design projects over the last six years. In Spring 2002, our team completed a campus wide dining services master plan. At the time, the University was considering making major changes to its housing inventory including replacing its traditional residence halls with full kitchens and in developing a “college town” just south of campus that would include a mix of residential and retail options. Our work for this project included spending three days on campus conducting focus groups and personal interviews. The feedback from this qualitative market research was used to create a web-based survey which was distributed to all campus community members.

Based on the detailed qualitative and quantitative market research, we provided a strategic master plan to the University that included recommendations regarding meal plan options, styles of service, hours of operation for each foodservice venue and suggestions for future foodservice and retail services.
In Spring 2007, our design team was hired by BYU to assist with the planned renovation of the existing Dairy Production Laboratory into a central food production facility. The existing venue housed several production activities that would be retained and reconfigured to accommodate the new Culinary Support Center (CSC). These activities included various food preparation processes such as ice cream, yogurt and cheese production along with juice bottling. Our design team worked with BYU Dining Services to design all aspects of the new central projection kitchen including specifying high-volume equipment such as machines that can slice up to 5,000 slices of meat per hour and that can peel, dice and cut melons all with the push of one button.

The 22,000 square foot renovated facility opened in Fall 2009. The CSC provides culinary support to the entire campus and includes the following functions/areas: cook/chill, central bakery, produce production, garde manger, ingredient room, sanitation/washing areas and freezer and refrigeration rooms. The central bakery within the CSC features high-volume mixers and ovens as well as an ingredient room where BYU Dining Services preps all ingredients for various recipes in advance to ensure consistent quality product. Baked goods, dairy products and other items produced at the CSC are sold in an adjacent retail store
Most recently, PKC teamed with BYU regarding possible renovations to the Wilkerson Student Center.