Dana Farber Cancer Institute

In 2005, Porter Consulting teamed with the architectural firm of Zimmer, Gunsul, Fransca Partnership (ZGF) and Miller Dyer Spears to develop a programming statement for a new cafeteria for the Institute’s proposed 450 Brookline building.

This cafeteria is located on the third floor of the new building and is designed to serve the staff and visitors to the complex as well as to provide catering and nutritional services to outpatient clinics. We recommended a modern and inviting scatter concept within the serving area that offers display cooking options as well as self-serve stations to provide variety and flexibility to customers.

In addition to the cafeteria, the new building also features two outpatient services areas located on each of the six floors in the outpatient section of the building. These service areas consist of two reach-in air-screen coolers stocked with patiently-friendly and nutritious food including sandwiches, salads and bottled beverages.

Our team wrote the programming statement which served as a guide for the eventual design process. We also determined the required square footage for the foodservice support areas based on a population matrix and provided the team with an equipment budget for the project.

With the cornerstones of the project in place, the project team moved into design development. Our firm was instrumental throughout the design process including providing the project team with to-scale floor plans for each foodservice area as well as an equipment schedule and manufacturers’ equipment specification sheets.

The total square footage included in this project was approximately 18,750 GSF.