Greenfield Hospital

In Fall 2015, PKC was hired to assist Array Architects with design services for a new 200 bed hospital (Greenfield Hospital) to be located in Gloucester County, New Jersey. The approximately $160 million facility is owned and operated by the Inspira Health Network. The foodservice areas that were to be programmed included the kitchen and support spaces, the Servery (single server anticipated) and the Café serving coffee, cold drinks and grab-and-go menu items.

The facility will offer a room service model of food delivery for patients. Adequate storage capacity is critical in any dining operation but it is especially true in health care. There is a need for permanent ware storage for patient feeding and all disposables used for the servery. Catering storage will also be required. The servery will be designed to accommodate a variety of both attendant-served and self-served stations.

The servery will be have a central cashier allowing guests to make their selection before exiting through the cashier to the seating area.  Our design will create a smooth flowing, integrated layout with limited boundaries between serving and dining. Flexibility is achieved through multi-purpose components on all serving lines and in the cooking areas, allowing Dining Services to throttle service up during peak servicing times and down when business is slower. Most of the equipment and at least half of the food stations will be equipped with casters for ease of cleaning. The design of the servery will allow for the use of durable wood veneers on the customer side and stainless steel on the operator side. This satisfies the goal of the integrated look of the servery while helping to maintain the sanitary aspects of a kitchen facility. The servery will have clear lines of sight for security purposes. It will also be able to be secured during off hours. The dining area will have a variety of seating options.