MCB Camp Pendleton

PKC was hired as the foodservice design consultant for the design and construction of two Enlisted Dining Facilities at the Chappo and Edson Range areas of the Marine Corps Base Camp at Camp Pendleton in California.

The goal of this project was to replace the Edson Range and Chappo mess halls at the Marine Corps Base Camp at Camp Pendleton, California with modern, more efficient, and contemporary dining facilities. Each facility is highly functional and easy to maintain and operate and both facilities have polished finishes that make them ageless and inviting.

The Enlisted Dining Facility at Edson Range provides modern, state-of-the-art cafeteria-style dining for regular meals, short-order meals (including daily bag lunches) and fast food support for approximately 3,374 recruits and permanent party personnel. The building is concrete masonry unit construction with standing seam metal roof. While this venue was being built, the existing mess hall remained in operation until the new facility was complete. Maximum gross area this facility is 55,811 square feet.

The Enlisted Dining Facility at Chappo was designed to support approximately 2,294 personnel. This venue has a more relaxed environment and was designed to cater to BEQ personnel. There is a walk-up window for quick order as well as a drive-through window. A temporary kitchen was required for this project. Maximum gross area of the Enlisted Dining Facility at Chappo is 31,194 square feet.